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Dandelion Wood operates out of Wayne, Maine where we are an authorized distributor of ThermaSteel building products.

Our goal is to provide clear information about the products we offer and what can be expected during our involvment in the client's project. Then throughout the project the client will be kept up to date on the progress of the design, manufacturing and shipping of the building components. During construction we offer technical assistence insuring proper assembly. All along the way we desire to help retailers, customers, contractors and lending agency's know what to expect to make the process of constructing ThermaSteel building products efficient and effective.

The key to taking full advantage of the insulation and structural benefits of ThermaSteel is a well informed design/build team and this is the goal of Dandelion Wood. The design professionals are provided with the required information to design a structure taking full advantage of ThermaSteel products. The builder is brought up to speed with the products and the various connections before the panels arrive on site. As the building goes up, on-site technical assistance is provided insuring a smooth assembly.

Striving for excellent communication from the very beginning and attention to detail all along the way will provide the framework for the benefits of a ThermaSteel building along with a professional construction process.

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