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ThermaSteel is offered in three basic formats:

  • Custom Walls - panels cut to dimension and openings framed at the factory
  • Custom Walls by Dandelion Wood - openings cut and assembled locally
  • Wallframe - standard size panels feild cut to dimension

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Dandelion Wood also packages buildings that utilize ThermaSteel:

Panel Options

  • Thickness - 3 1/2";  4";   5 1/2";   7 1/2"
  • Common Gages of steel - 24, 20, 18
  • Stud spacing - 12";  16";  24"
  • Wallframe lengths - 8';  9';  10';  12'
  • Panel(s) in stock for immediate delivery: 5 1/2" x 8', 24 gage, 16" o.c.

When Energy Matters

ThermaSteel is an energy star partner providing products that help designers, builders and owners achieve energy savings as energy costs continue to increase. These savings translate to lower operating costs and then lower loans based on higher profits or lower cost of living. In addition to the upfront dollar savings, the long term benefits of dedication to providing clean, green buildings will set ThermaSteel buildings out in the future.  These structures stand out as buildings that make sense!

ThermaSteel custom panels provide exceptional energy savings made from "green" materials. The light gage structural steel insulated panels can be used for the entire project including: floors, walls, ceilings and roofs. All openings and wall dimensions are pre-framed. The panels provide: moisture plane, sheathing, framing, insulation, and vapor barrier all in one simple step of assembly.  Once manufactured to fit project specifications by ThermaSteel Corporation in Radford, VA, the panels will be shipped to the site.  Upon arrival, the panels are assembled in metal track and then finished inside and out with standard materials. The steel studs provide 3 1/2" of screwing surface and are engineered to accommodate the design specifications.

Wallframe standard panels offer these same exceptional energy saving, "green" benefits with the added practical benefits of easily acquired panels that are field cut and can accommodate last minute changes as well as the bottom line. Wallframe standard panels are offered for retailers who want to provide standard size panels for their customers to cut on site. The panels come in common construction sizes which eases manufacturing and stocking which in turn drops the price and increases service!  The panels are shipped to the job site where they are cut and assembled to the desired specifications on site.

It is important to develop a framing standard that is accepted by all those involved concerning the assembly of window and door openings, inside and outside corners, wall lengths, etc. This begins with the design or layout process where there are unique possibilities brought by ThermaSteel. The Drop Method and the Cut In Method are two possible strategies to address assembly of standard panels and constructing openings. Framing with standard panels can be incorporated with factory manufactured walls and traditional framing. As these systems are being determined it is important to consider the building as a complete system. The exterior moisture plane and interior or exterior vapor barrier need to remain continuous. For some projects exterior sheathing and moisture plane (building wrap) are the best way to assure the benefits of framing with ThermaSteel standard panels are not compromised.

Wallframe - Cut in Method

The Cut in Method combines full panels and ripped panels to complete the shell. Openings are then “Cut in” at the appropriate locations and framed sufficiently to support load. This method completes the building shell very quickly. It is especially advantageous for buildings where a fast insulated shell is desired such as in cold weather construction where the building is to be heated to keep frost out. Full panels are assembled to make up the wall and a panel is ripped to finish the wall. Wood and or corner steel then creates the outside corner. An acceptable system of framing window and door openings will need to be carefully chosen to insure that any openings that are not entirely within one panel are properly framed to support load.

Openings in the cut in Method may look very similar to traditional framing with a king and jack stud assembly that is nailed to a bottom and double top plate. The header can be traditionally framed with lumber or a ThermaSteel Insulheader. As these assemblies are determined it is important that the exterior moisture plane and vapor barrier remain continuous.

Drop Method

One possible method to start an acceptable framing system is called the drop method. This method is similar to that used by ThermaSteel when designing custom factory framed projects. Rough openings equal to or less then 40” are cut into a single standard panel and reinforced. As long as the opening is not less then 11” from the top and the load on the panel does not exceed the panel limitations the openings most likely do not require a header. These panels are then “dropped” into place where ever this particular opening is required. Openings greater then 40” are supported with a ThermaSteel Insulheader spanning two jack and king stud assemblies or similar support. Wall ends are then completed with corner metal or wood.

The space between openings is filled with a combination of full and ripped panels that complete the particular wall. This is an especially advantageous method for buildings with many openings. If used carefully this method also retains the vapor and moisture plane properties of the ThermaSteel panels. Metal track, attachment plates, end metal, corner metal, etc. are used according to ThermaSteel's Best Practices to complete a project that realizes the benefits of ThermaSteel and the benefits of standard panels. This is one method that can be used for a complete project or along with factory manufactured walls or traditional framing.

Dandelion Wood offers technical service to support the combination of methods decided upon for each project.  Contact us so we can help to determine the best method of utilizing ThermaSteel for each project and design/build team.

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